Should You Add Molding?

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When I was a kid not too long ago, I remember going over my friend’s house and seeing decorative trim for the first time. I did not grow up with such a luxury, so you can understand my awe. But what purpose does trim or wood molding serve? It can’t be solely for decoration, can it? You’d be surprised to know the history of wood molding and trim. Let’s take a look:

  • Original purpose – Indeed, wood molding and trim was not conceived as a decorative detail, but rather to serve as a protective barrier for walls against chairs and other potentially damaging furniture. Trim added a layer of protection so that furniture would not damage the walls, much like the bumper on your car.
  • Contemporary purpose – Nowadays, trim mainly serves as a decoration, and it is not limited to the bottom three inches of a wall. Trim can be found almost anywhere in a home, including around windows and built-in shelves, on the fireplace mantel, and even where the wall and ceiling meet. There are many styles of trim as well, from a basic wood design to a detailed work of art. The possibilities are endless.

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